Friday, March 12, 2010

Obama Laser-Focused on Jobs? Um, No.

Obama continues to hammer away at his dream of destroying America's private healthcare system. This, along with the desire to pass Cap and Tax, causes jitters in the market that stifles job growth. Obama knows this. But he apparently doesn't care.
Calming the waters would be the best way for Obama to fulfill his laser focus pledge.
We'd like to see him place a hold on any legislation -- including health care reform -- likely to create a burden on businesses, either through taxes or compliance costs, until unemployment drops to the 6-7 percent range. He also should try to immediately extend the Bush-era tax cuts, some of which have already expired, at least until unemployment falls.
The president should lobby Congress to pass the pending trade pacts with Colombia, South Korea and Panama. This would be an important signal that his administration supports vigorous free trade, which leads to greater exports and more jobs at home.
And he should order all of his departments -- especially the Environmental Protection Agency -- to examine all regulations and policies for their impact on private-sector employment and make them job friendly. It is particularly important to use caution in crafting regulations for financial institutions to guard against further hampering the flow of credit. Many businesses that want to expand and add workers report they can't get loans to do so.
That's what a laser focused jobs agenda would look like.
Obama should focus on reassuring job creators that he will stay out of their pockets.

From The Detroit News:


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

And after he changes this country into his dreams he will rest ...

Candle said...

Yes, he should definitely do all these things. But...well...there's a communist living in the whitehouse :)

LL said...

It's a vain hope, Opus #6.

Barack Hussein Obama will abandon his agenda to make all jobs government jobs when pigs sprout wings and fly. He's a national socialist. He wants to have the government absorb all big industries - healthcare, auto manufacturing, banking, etc. and nationalize them to the extent that the government controls the means of manufacturing and services. GM is a private company in name only (example) since the government is the majority stockholder. That is the definition of national socialism.

The Conservative Lady said...

Obama will not do those things because they do not facilitate his agenda to turn America into a third world country with it's people dependent on the government. His administration is full of people who have the progressive agenda as their goal and until he and his minions are out of power, we're going to have to keep fighting against it every way we can...otherwise, we're doomed.

cbullitt said...

"examine all regulations and policies for their impact on private-sector employment and make them job friendly" The EPA?!?!?!?!?!?

Every EPA policy is job-unfriendly, by design.

Necromancer said...

Mainfo I really like the DC picture. I have some from 45 plus years ago that my father took with his 35mm camera.These are on slides but I bought a slide scanner and scanned them into the computer. Not on-line with the pictures yet.Soon.