Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dudes. I Saw Avatar. Twice.

Yep, you heard that right. I, who almost never do that. Especially not any animated or pseudo-animated movie. I would rather be home washing dishes than sit through most movies for a second time.

But last night the older boys wanted to see Avatar again. And as I saw Avatar for the first time in 2-D and we proposed to see it this time in 3-D, that seemed reasonable.

I know mostly Conservatives read this blog, so I will take a moment to address James Cameron's apparent Green Agenda. OK. The guy loves trees and the environment And he portrays the military as corporate lackeys in league to destroy as many environments as possible in search of the almighty dollar. Yep. Naked Hollywood Green Agenda. I saw it right away, was momentarily annoyed, then got back to enjoying this GORGEOUS MOVIE.

Avatar really is very beautiful. For me, the visual majesty of the scenes is one of the most fun parts. But also the way in which the plot brings me in and makes me care about the characters. So often movies leave me behind emotionally. Not this one. Even on the second go-round I was inwardly cheering and still got goosebumps.

And it was fun to stand around afterward and overhear grandmother types remarking how they were SURE they would not like the movie and found themselves unwillingly enjoying the heck out of it.

Did I tell you the 4:30pm showing was sold out? SOLD OUT. This movie has been out FOREVER.

Now I want to be able to tell you which version to see. But I can't decide. The 2-D version was brighter and more colorful and very very beautiful. The 3-D version was a tad bit murkier though still beautiful, and I had this contraption sliding down my nose the whole time. But I saw some things in 3-D that I completely missed the first time. Like the control room. They sat at consoles with holographic "cups" for screens around the round desks. Didn't even notice that the first time around. So some of the technological magic was lost in 2-D.

Either way you can't go wrong. See the movie on the big screen. You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Somali Tried to Board Flight With Explosives Last Month

MOGADISHU, Somalia — A man tried to board a commercial airliner in Mogadishu last month carrying powdered chemicals, liquid and a syringe that could have caused an explosion in a case bearing chilling similarities to the terrorist plot to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner, officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The Somali man — whose name has not yet been released — was arrested by African Union peacekeeping troops before the Nov. 13 Daallo Airlines flight took off. It had been scheduled to travel from Mogadishu to the northern Somali city of Hargeisa, then to Djibouti and Dubai. A Somali police spokesman, Abdulahi Hassan Barise, said the suspect is in Somali custody.

"We don't know whether he's linked with al-Qaida or other foreign organizations, but his actions were the acts of a terrorist. We caught him red-handed," said Barise.

A Nairobi-based diplomat said the incident in Somalia is similar to the attempted attack on the Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day in that the Somali man had a syringe, a bag of powdered chemicals and liquid — tools similar to those used in the Detroit attack. The diplomat spoke on condition he not be identified because he isn't authorized to release the information....

A Somali security official involved in the capture of the suspect in Mogadishu said he had a 2.2-pound package of chemical powder and a container of liquid chemicals. The security official said the suspect was the last passenger to try to board.

Once security officials detected the powder chemicals and syringe, the suspect tried to bribe the security team that detained him, the Somali security official said. The security official said the suspect had a white shampoo bottle with a black acid-like substance in it. He also had a clear plastic bag with a light green chalky substance and a syringe containing a green liquid. The security official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to release the information.

More here.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kevin Dowd ROCKS the New York Times!

Teresamerica just published a delicious little piece by Maureen Dowd's Conservative brother, Kevin. He is truly an embarrassment to her, but in the spirit of the season, she gave him a column of his very own in the New York Times. Teresa pulled from the beginning of the article, so I will quote from the end. You don't want to miss this part!

Here are some reflections for 2009:

To President Obama: Thank you for saving the Republican Party and for teaching all of us that too much of anything is a bad thing.

To Bill Clinton: You did too much work on Northern Ireland for the Nobel committee. Next time, do nothing.

To Harry and Nancy: “The Twilight Zone” once had an episode where the town got the exact opposite of what it wanted. Farewell, Harry!

To John McCain: Thank you for your chivalry in banning Palin attack dogs — including my sister — from the campaign plane.

To Sarah Palin: Keep up the good work. Anyone who annoys Keith Olbermann that much is a friend to all of us.

To Glenn Beck: Thanks for being the only journalist interested in stories that used to win Pulitzer Prizes.

To Al Franken: So, 250 years of Senate tradition trashed. Stuart Smalley would have done better.

To DesirĂ©e Rogers: Get back to the gate. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson can’t get in.

To the Salahis: Thank you for showing us that shame has no bottom.

To Valerie Jarrett: So much for the Olympic Village in Chicago. Whoops.

To Chris Dodd: The only thing lower than your polls is your mortgage interest rate.

To Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen: The military should be more interested in the men and women who serve than in celebrating diversity.

To the Democratic senators: Go last next time; the bribes are much bigger.

To Sheldon Whitehouse: You, senator, are an idiot.

To Dick Cheney: You, sir, are a patriot. Thanks for firing back.

To President Bush: Thank you for your dignity. Did you really start the plague in the 14th century? Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

To Hillary: Who knew how much you would be missed?

To Al Gore: A global warming conference in the middle of a Copenhagen blizzard is not a good visual.

To Max Baucus, Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards: Party on, dudes.

To John Ensign, Mark Sanford and David Vitter: Don’t party on, dudes.

Mr. Obama's Brain Surgery?

What happened to the right side of Mr. Obama's head? What brain surgery did he have? Just curious.
For what it's worth, right-sided head trauma can cause a condition where the person is still a good reader (think teleprompter), but has trouble with higher order thinking and sometimes math (think spending us into the grave).
Hat Tip Hillbuzz.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama's Flaccid, Meaningless Words--Krauthammer

Short vid during which Charles Krauthammer hammers Obama for coming up short yet again regarding the Iranian protests. Go Get 'Em, Charlie! Hat Tip cprater.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And Life Goes On

We had a great weekend. Both college kids were here visiting, so all 6 kids were together for the first time since last August. They consented to pose together before their second game of laser tag. There were family meals all weekend, and none were heard to complain when the pan of carmel turtle brownies emerged from the oven.

Is Yemen Tomorrow's War?

Why is it that only TODAY did I learn that fully HALF of the detainees remaining at GITMO are from Yemen? Is this some sort of secret? Why is it that TODAY I learned that one of the Gitmo detainees released in 2007 to Saudi Arabia disappeared following some sort of anti-terror class, and resurfaced on Yemen as the head of Al Quaeda there? Why is it that a man with known connections to Yemen's Al Quaeda was NOT placed on a no-fly list and allowed to fly in an airplane to Detroit? A man who follows the very same Imam who was linked to Hasan, the Fort Hood muslim terrorist? Why is it that Homeland Security seems to busy itself more with Americans who read the Constitution than foreigners who openly call for America's destruction? I, for one, am tired of it. Something's got to change.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) Sunday said that Yemen could be the ground of America's next overseas war if Washington does not take preemptive action to root out al-Qaeda interests there.

Lieberman, who helms the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said on "Fox News Sunday" that the U.S. will have to take an active approach in Yemen after multiple recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. were linked back to the Middle Eastern nation.

The Connecticut senator said that an administration official told him that "Iraq was yesterday's war, Afghanistan is today's war. If we don't act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow's war."

More here at The Hill.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Grocery Store Extremist

You may be an extremist. You're not a violent person? Not yet.

Hat Tip to Odie Woodsterman.

Can Nullification Weaken the Gov't Takeover of Healthcare?

I have to tell you that I am not a political science major. In college I majored in biology. So many of these terms are new to me. Do any of you know about Nullification? Is it true that this might be a way to fight this battle?

The real way to resist DC is not by begging politicians and judges in Washington to allow us to exercise our rights…it’s to exercise our rights whether they want to give us “permission” to or not.

Nullification – state-level resistance to unconstitutional federal laws – is the way forward.

When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non-effective,’ within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as that state is concerned.

It’s peaceful, effective, and has a long history in the American tradition. It’s been invoked in support of free speech, in opposition to war and fugitive slave laws, and more. Read more on this history here.

Regarding nullification and health care, there’s already a growing movement right now. Led by Arizona, voters in a number of states may get a chance to approve State Constitutional Amendments in 2010 that would effectively ban national health care in their states. Our sources here at the Tenth Amendment Center indicate to us that we should expect to see 20-25 states consider such legislation in 2010.

20 States resisting DC can do what calling, marching, yelling, faxing, and emailing has almost never done. Stop the feds dead in their tracks.

For example, 13 states are already defying federal marijuana prohibition, and the federal government is having such a hard time dealing with it that the Obama administration recently announced that they would no longer prioritize enforcement in states that have medical marijuana laws.

Better yet, in the last 2+ years more than 20 states have been able to effectively prevent the Real ID Act of 2005 from being implemented. How did they do that? They passed laws and resolutions refusing to comply with it. And today, it’s effectively null and void without ever being repealed by Congress or challenged in court.

While the Obama administration would like to revive it under a different name, the reality is still there – with massive state-level resistance, the federal government can be pushed back inside its constitutional box. Issue by issue, law by law, the best way to change the federal government is by resisting it on a state level.

More here at Tenth Amendment Center.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Capitalism, Ayn Rand Style

Here is a good synopsis of Ayn Rand's theories of government and freedom. I love how she refuses to let go of her central thought, despite the best efforts of her questioners.
Hat Tip Can You Be A Part Of My Life.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Soldier's Silent Night

Merry Christmas to my blogging buddies. I hope your day is bright.

Senate Marxist Reid to Make It Almost Impossible to Repeal Obamacare

Every day the news coming out of Washington D.C. just gets worse and worse. Just when I thought I could no longer be shocked by the totalitarian Senate and Executive branch, I was…and am. On Monday, the Marxist-run Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided that he would make it virtually impossible for the American people to overcome Congress’ Machiavellian ObamaCare Death Plan. Betrayal is now the operating agenda of both the US Congress and Executive branch.

On the advice of the Marxist Senate “Parliamentarian”, using an illegal “procedural” measure, Marxist Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) wrote an amendment to ObamaCare Section 3403 that states “it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” RedState reports that this “applies to regulations imposed on doctors and patients by the Independent Medicare Advisory Boards a/k/a the Death Panels.”

Although this change in Senate rules requires 67 senatorial votes, Reid decided to pass it as a ‘procedural matter’. Clearly, Reid is illegally and unconstitutionally changing the rules to better ensure that his and Obama’s totalitarian control of the American people is absolute and forever. It will require 67 votes to overturn the portion of ObamaCare that provides for the Medicare Death Panels that will decide who will die. But, the 67 votes required to make this change has been ignored by our Marxist government.

More at Canada Free Press.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I got here safe

There were light snow flurries as I drove my rental car from Chicago's O'hare Airport to the Northwest suburbs. It took about an hour to drive. Though it was 1am, the roads were surprisingly dry. Almost no ice, though the temperature went down to the mid 20s F.

Now I am hanging out with family, getting ready for the viewing, and the funeral is tomorrow. Most of the adults here need to get there early to help set up, so I will stay back with the kids, my little guy and 2 cousinsn, and then we can arrive fashionably late.
This pic is the view out of the back door of my aunt's house. That may seem normal to many of you, but to people from southern areas like myself, it looks particularly beautiful.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Don't Have Much Time

I'm on my way to catch a flight to Chicago, departing in a few hours. There has been a death in the family, my aunt's mother. I will be there for a couple of days and then back home. I will be bringing the littlest guy, age 2, but I don't want to be away from the other little guys for that many days in a row, either.

I am looking forward to seeing Chicago and my relatives again. And the weather doesn't even put me off. I think it's exciting.

I will try to mobile blog from my Blackberry and keep you updated.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

You Must Go To Your Senators' Offices Starting Monday to Scream At Them

Starting Monday, you need to get your butt off your couch and head down to your Senators’ field offices if there is any way you possibly can. Get as many people as possible to go with you.

Go Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

SCREAM at the staff there that you are organizing as many people as you know to defeat every single person voting to enact socialism in this country by passing the Utopiacare bill.


We have been told by people who’ve worked for Senators that so few people show up at field offices that every one of them is treated like 10,000 people’s opinions. Some field offices go WEEKS without a single person showing up and crossing the threshold....

To us, more than anything, this is a test of competence:

* the bill is not even written and they are voting on it, which should be unconstitutional

* no one has read the bill, and they are voting on it, which should be illegal

* no one understands what’s in the bill or how much it will cost but they are voting on it anyway, which should be grounds for their removal under the umbrella of incompetence to the point of being unable to discharge their elected duties

If you vote for this bill, you are a buffoon who does not belong in Congress because you cannot meet the minimum job requirements for your office.

It is that simple.

Whatever we thought of you before, after you do this, you prove to us you should not be a Senator.

More at Hillbuzz

The Disillusioned Left

This is the problem that Yuri Bezmenov referred to when he said that the leftist ideologues and academics would be the first ones eliminated in any Communist purges. Obama is running up against the same thing right now.

The disillusion has produced a growing tide of organizing energy — and money — among liberals aimed at dragging the White House back to where many supporters believe Obama's heart really lies. Union presidents have discarded their talking points and are openly sparring with the White House, while gay rights activists threaten civil disobedience, the ACLU keeps litigating, and congressional Hispanic leaders work to force their issues into the debate.

But while those actions may actually create politically useful space to the president’s left, the other consequence of disillusion is what polls have found to be deepening apathy among Democratic voters.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Your leader, MoveOn dot Org, has requested that you contact your Senators and ask them to KILL THE BILL. Don't ask why. Yours is not to question why. Just do as you are told. Move On Has Spoken.

But it might have something to do with the fact that everybody will be FORCED to pay large amounts of money to insurance companies, or we will go to jail. You know. Those insurance "fat cats" that you hate.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hello from the preschool classroom. Wish you were here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We are on a Precipice, Alright.

Obama got that part right. Precipice = 1. A very steep or overhanging place. 2. A hazardous situation. Our country is teetering on the edge of socialism. Will we become a socialist country or remain capitalist.

Thinking of a precipice at this time of year, for a gal in my generation, brings visions of the Grinch. The Grinch brought all the presents to the top of Mount Crumpet. Will Obama dump our entire country over the edge of the precipice? Or will some little thing hold us back. One or 2 votes in the Senate, perhaps? One small thread to carry the hope of a nation.

These are dark days for those who believe in freedom. For those with an independent spirit. For those who believe that American means the promise of Equal Opportunity, not Equal Outcomes. The Entitlement Czars are in charge of the Treasury. Our debt almost equals our annual income already. Is this any way to run the place?

Anyone who would throw away capitalism for socialism is a Grinch. For the simple reason that our children will not be born into the Land of Opportunity like we were. They will live in a place that is different. Changed. A place with far less Hope.

Dump Mark Kirk--Hillbuzz

I don't know much about local Illinois politics. But I must confess to having a soft spot in my heart for the reforming liberal bloggers at Hillbuzz, especially after they wrote a piece apologizing to and thanking the Bushes. These gay men now are having trouble finding dates because they refuse to hide their fondness of Sarah Palin. I am moved by this, so much so that I put them on blogroll. Their disappointment at Hillary's loss in the primary in 2008 has morphed into something...interesting. Hence the name "Hillbuzz", they started out as Hillary supporters.

I notice their story today is about wishing the Republicans had a strong candidate in the Illinois Senate race. I know some of you bloggers over there. Can you tell me what is going on?

We really and truly do wish — with all of our hearts — that Sarah Palin would get involved in the Illinois Senate race, on the side of Patrick Hughes, and push Mark Kirk under so that someone who can win the general election will be the Republican nominee.

We have said this again and again, but Mark Kirk will not win the general election — leaving us with Senator Giannoulias…this will send Alexi Giannoulias, scion of the mob-bankers Giannoulias family to the Senate. It’s like giving Tony Soprano’s accountant a ticket to Washington, and carte blanche to cook up all sorts of revolting pork projects for the mob back home....

Why do we care about this race?

Because this is for Roland Burris’ Senate seat. We are supporters of Burris, and we do not like the way the Democrats treated him. That makes us inclined to see to it Democrats learn a lesson by watching that seat go to a Republican. We also don’t like Giannoulias because his family runs the mob’s bank. Call us old-fashioned, but the mob’s bankers should not be Senators, in our opinion. We also don’t like Giannoulias on a personal level: he’s rude, crass, a giant windbag, and close personal friends with Dr. Utopia. The two of them often played basketball together, and who knows what else they got up to. Giannoulias is more of the Chicago machine that’s in Washington right now. Dr. Utopia would be delighted to have him in the Senate.

Therefore, every one of you out there should want to make sure that does not happen.

We do not think Kirk has what it takes to win. He is not a fighter, no matter how many times he tells you he was in the military. He is dishonest, wimpy, and vascillates more on issues than John Kerry. Kirk was for Cap & Trade before he was against it. He was against the Iraq surge before he was for it. Add in everything that’s coming out in his divorce, and you’ve got Jack Ryan level embarrassments with a tinge of Larry Craig and Charlie Crist thrown in as well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Senator Harry Reid's Compromise: A Complete Government-Run Single-Payer Health Care System

Senator Harry Reid’s "compromise" was crafted behind closed doors. The American people have no opportunity to examine the bill, and neither have a majority of Senators.
Obama, Reid and the media say this compromise version of means the death of the "public option.” Do not believe it. Harry Reid's latest health care “reform” scheme, instead of eliminating or weakening the so-called"public option," actually increases the government's stranglehold over our nation's health care system... and over my family’s health care decisions. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), a major proponent of ObamaCare, calls Harry Reid's so-called compromise bill "an unvarnished, complete victory for people like me. It’s the mother of all public options. ... Never mind the camel’s nose; we’ve got his head and neck under the tent.” What more needs to be said? This latest compromise is nothing more than yet another brazen con job... yet another fraud designed to shove government-run health care down our throats.
Reid may call his latest plot a “compromise,” but in reality it paves the way towards a single-payer system by expanding the Medicare and Medicaid rolls, and by putting the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in charge of certain health insurance policies. Senator Reid’s new compromise is just more of what the American people have already rejected. There are no sensible reforms in Reid’s bill, nothing that would make health care better, more accessible, or more affordable. No medical liability reform. No portability of insurance policies. No sale of insurance across state lines. Under Reid’s compromise, we would still pay much more in order to get much less ... In fact, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an independent analysis of Reid’s ObamaCare bill last week, and found that:
Health care costs would rise 235 billion dollars over the next decade;

17 million Americans would lose their current insurance coverage, regardless as to whether they like it or not;

One in every 3 seniors on Medicare Advantage would lose their plans;

19 million Americans would be forced to pay new taxes and fines;

18 million Americans would be put on taxpayer-funded welfare;

Up to 20 percent of Medicare providers would become unprofitable, leaving seniors with less access to and choices for care.

Having plunged Medicare and Medicaid into a financial black hole, liberals now want to do the same to the rest of health care. Within a decade, the Medicare system will be bankrupt. So what is the Obama-Pelosi-Reid solution? Add millions of people to the government health care rolls… decrease the number of health care providers and cut Medicare by 500 billion dollars.
Jeffrey Korsmo, the executive director of the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center states: “Bringing more people into a system that doesn't work very well is not a good answer. The current Medicare program is not sustainable." Let's examine this absurdity in more detail.
Reid's so-called compromise does not eliminate the so-called "public option." The Heritage Foundation’s Nina Owcharenko: “[S]hifting this public plan option to OPM means the Director of OPM could end up as the ultimate health care czar, reporting directly to the President.” Just what we need: yet another czar... yet another blow to freedom... yet another dagger in the heart of private enterprise.
Owcharenko writes further: “There is plenty wrong with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - massive consolidation of regulatory authority over health care to the federal government; unintended consequences of the employer mandate; constitutional concerns over the individual mandate; inequities created through the subsidy structure; massive Medicaid expansion; Medicare ‘savings’ shifted out of Medicare; and a flood of new taxes that impact Americans regardless of income -- to name just a few.”
More specifically, Owcharenko notes the so-called compromise plan run by the Office of Personnel Management(OPM) is just a head-fake by Reid and others: “If OPM was given broad power to negotiate and determine services, benefits, premiums, etc., this federal plan would be no different than the older version of the ‘public plan’...; merely because the public plan is ‘private’ in name only doesn’t change a thing.” Politicians may try to call this monster that Reid is pushing a private plan, but it will ultimately be a government-run plan... overseen directly by the White House. Reid is calling a skunk a rose, but it still stinks to high heaven.
An Unconstitutional Health Care Scheme...

In addition to paving the way toward imposing a European-style single-payer health care system on the American people, ObamaCare, for the first time in our nation’s history, will force you to purchase something you may or may not want or need … in this case, government-approved or government-run health insurance.

Here's what Todd Gaziano of the Heritage Foundation writes about the “individual mandate”provision in ObamaCare: “The federal government has never required all Americans to buy any good or service. This is not surprising, because there is nothing in the Constitution that grants Congress that power. And if you poll Americans, they know there is no such power. The mandate for individuals to buy health insurance is not a regulation of the health care or health insurance markets at all. ... It is a mandate that Americans must engage in commerce. If Congress can do this, they can do anything.” And that means anything. Think about that. What is to stop Barack Obama or Congress from forcing you to buy a new green Government Motors Chevy every year, or a lifetime membership in ACORN?

Gaziano outlines an historic truth:
“Under our constitutional system of limited and enumerated federal powers, no theory of federal authority can be correct if it has no limits.” In response to that sentiment, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are basically thumbing their noses at us and saying; So what? They've made it clear, by their own words, deeds and actions, that they are not interested in upholding the Constitution, but rather in seizing unlimited government power. For them, everything, including so-called health care reform, becomes a means to a political end... a socialist state. Are you willing to let the United States of America become the USSA … the United Socialist States of America?

You can stop that from happening... you can take a stand. Remember, Senate leaders are planning to hold a final vote any day now. The time to act is now. Help stop Harry Reid’s ill-named and poisonous health care “compromise.” Send faxes to the politicians in Washington! The American people are tired of being scammed! Let them know that Reid's compromise is not a compromise... it's an abomination!

My thanks and a hat tip to Jack Graff.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Government Healthcare Can Kill You

This article was pulled from the "Investor's Business Daily." It provides some very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:
U.S. 65%
England 46%
Canada 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:
U.S. 93%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:
U.S. 90%
England 15%
Canada 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
U.S. 77%
England 40%
Canada 43%

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
U.S. 71
England 14
Canada 18

Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":
U.S. 12%
England 2%
Canada 6%

I don't know about you, but I don't want "Universal Healthcare" comparable to England or Canada .

Moreover, it was Sen. Harry Reid who said, "Elderly Americans must learn to accept the inconveniences of old age."

Hat Tip Wofat.

The reason this is still a problem in the Reidcare and Pelosicare plans, is that even without a "public option" there will still be government employees deciding who gets what treatments when.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Code Red Senate Rally Chartered Bus Schedule 12/15

Bogota, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Hamilton, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Kingwood, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Ridgewood, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Sparta, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Rockville Centre, NY 6:30a ($30)

Melville, NY 6:30a ($30)

Doylestown, PA 6:30a ($30)

Huntington, PA 6:30a ($30)

South Philly, PA 6:30a ($30)

Deptford, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Garden State Pkwy, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Havertown, PA 6:30a ($30)

Parsipanny, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Sayerville, NJ 6:30a ($30)

Palisades Mall, NY 6:30a ($30)

Staten Island, NY 6:30a ($30)

Center City, PA 6:30a ($30)

Reading, PA 6:30a ($30)

Goldsboro, NC 6:45a ($25)

Wilmington, NC 5:30a ($25)

Greensboro, NC 6:00a ($25)

Raleigh, NC 7:00a ($25)

Bel Air, MD 7:00a ($5)

Salisbury, MD 7:00a ($5)

Roanoke, VA 9:30a

Louisa, VA 9:45a

Harrisonburg, VA 10:30a

Charlottesville, VA 9:45a

Staunton, VA 9:30a

To sign up for a bus go
Hat Tip Just A Conservative Girl.

ACORN to Oversee America's Finances in TARP II?

From Michele Bachmann's website:
Bachmann: House Preserves ACORN’s Role in TARP II
Washington, D.C., Dec 10 -

(Washington, D.C.) U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-06), member of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after the Democrat Leadership denied the entire House an opportunity to vote on her amendment to prevent ACORN from participating in the Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s Oversight Board. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) is an expansive new government bureaucracy with far-reaching powers to make decisions for consumers about the kinds of mortgages, small business loans, and other financial products they may access. The Oversight Board will be tasked with advising the Agency’s director on strategies and policies.

“An organization that has repeatedly shown an inability to adhere to even the most basic standards of ethics should not have a role in overseeing our nation’s financial system,” said Bachmann. “By rejecting consideration of my amendment, the Democrat Majority protected ACORN instead of American taxpayers and investors.”

In recent months, the IRS, U.S. Census Bureau, and Congress have taken numerous actions to sever ties with ACORN. In fact, less than two months ago, the House Financial Services Committee accepted another amendment offered by Bachmann that would prevent ACORN from serving on a similar board established in the exact same bill under consideration this week.

“There is a clear consensus amongst the American people that ACORN is unfit to receive federal funds and partner with federal organizations. The Democrat Leadership’s decision today robs Congress from having the opportunity to take an up-or-down vote on my amendment and keep ACORN out of our financial markets,” said Bachmann.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit.

Cartoon via Reaganite Republican Resistance.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Divorce Process

As you may be aware, I am winding my way through the divorce process. Though my attorney does not want me discussing details, it remains a part of my life at this time. My father gave me a Johnny Mandel songbook years ago, with this particular song in it, in an attempt to help me sort through my feelings. It is a lovely song. So I dedicate this to all who have gone through a difficult break-up. Divorce is painful, no matter what the reason.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby Girl Gets Her Daddy Home For Christmas

This will put you in the holiday spirit whether you are ready or not. She even looks like her Daddy, a Sergeant serving in Afghanistan. So sweet...

December 15th: Code Red Rally in Washington

enate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to federalize one-sixth of the American economy with his $2.5 trillion health care reform bill, a bill that would usher in the largest single expansion of government that our country has ever seen.

Had enough? Join Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D., Patients First and other health care allies for the Code Red Rally to send a clear message to the Senate: Hands off our health care!

What: Code Red Rally
When: December 15th, at 1:30pm ET
Where: Upper Senate Park, on Constitution Ave. between New Jersey and Delaware St. NE

Looking for transportation to the rally? Our parent organization, Americans for Prosperity, and other groups in a health care coalition are coordinating low cost bus rides. Follow this link for details.

Can’t make it to Washington on December 15th? Visit your senators’ local offices and take the same stand! Download our PDF to locate the U.S. Senate offices near you!

Can’t make a visit in person, be it in Washington or at home? Call your senators today!

Make your plans now. YOU are the only thing that can stop Harry Reid and his massive expansion of government. Don’t let the holidays come and go without telling the Senate and the world that we will not put up with them ignoring the voice of “We, the people.” It’s all or nothing; it’s time to show up for the showdown.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Nice Plate of ACORN Cookies Anyone? SEIU Perhaps?

Overheard from the White House kitchen staff:
Look at those BEAUTIFUL ACORN cookies. Mmm, mmm, mmm! A disgraced organization, you say? Pah! Pshaw! Surely you JEST! We PROUDLY display the symbol of the ACORN here at the pResident's Abode. We PROUDLY serve ACORNS FOR ALL!

We had to special order all those acorn-shaped cookie cutters, so don't underestimate our dedication.

Next week will be another round of "holiday" parties when the first family returns from abroad. I already have them working on a few batches of SEIU cookies. The logo was hard to put into a cookie format, so I had a few of their guys donate these handy cookie cutters:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jon Stewart Unmerciful On Obama's JOBS Agenda

Content Warning.
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You just have to see it. Did you know that Pajama's Media wants to make Jon Stewart an honorary Tea Party Member now? He is doing the job that the lamestream media won't do.

Monday, December 7, 2009

President Evil Circumvents Congress and the Constitution

President Obama is evil: Next week President Obama will go to Copenhagen to make what he has termed a “politically binding” commitment to reduce greenhouse gases 17 percent by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050, the same levels in the now-stalled cap-and-trade bill. He is able to make this commitment, we can tell from today’s EPA announcement, because he intends to use EPA regulation to short-circuit the democratic process, boycott the Congress, and put us all under a sweeping regulatory regime.

American Patriot Commission
Frank K. Ani Jr., Co-founder, Senior Advisor
Bill Turner, Co-founder, Senior Advisor

Boxer Attacks Whistleblowers, Pushes Cap and Tax - Chuck DeVore

Instead of reviewing the science in the wake of the Climategate scandal that has caused a key global warming advocate to resign in disgrace, Senator Barbara Boxer wants to press ahead with her jobs-killing cap-and-trade energy tax and press criminal charges against the whistle blower who leaked the information.

Instead of killing American jobs by increasing the cost of energy on every U.S. family by about $2,000 per year, Chuck DeVore wants to use modern nuclear power and advanced oil and gas extraction techniques to safely increase American domestic energy production, reduce our emissions, increase jobs, and lessen our dangerous dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Another video brought to you by the DeVore for California campaign:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fuzzy's Dad Remembers Pearl Harbor

As we note the 68th anniversary of the bombing, how many people still think about Pearl Harbor? Not many I know. I have heard the comments that it was so long ago.

I will always remember Pearl Harbor, and our daughter's will be taught about Pearl Harbor. They will be taught to honor the memory of the people who lost their lives there and in the war.

Both the Pearl Harbor attack and the attacks on the World Trade Center have been forgotten. Both attacks were made by fanatical cowards. Just as then, we are now in a fight for freedom.

Like then, the fanatics must be wiped out by whatever means are necessary.
Let's take a look back at the attack at Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese aircraft carriers were approximately 270 miles north of the coast of Oahu.

There were two waves of attacking aircraft of 350 planes, starting at 7:53 a.m. and ending at 9:55 a.m., Honolulu time.

By 1 p.m. the Japanese aircraft carriers were on their way back to Japan.

The Japanese lost approximately 65 airplanes, five midget submarines, and one large submarine.

For The United States the losses were as follows:188 airplanes destroyed.

Eight battleships were badly damaged or destroyed, including the USS Arizona.

There were a total of 2,403 military and civilian deaths.

When the USS Arizona sank, it killed 1,170 crew members, including 37 sets of brothers.

We must always remember Pearl Harbor and honor everyone who served in World War II.We must also honor all of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Our daughters will know about Pearl Harbor and honoring our veterans.
Shameless Hat Tip to Fuzzy's Dad.

New Yorkers Protest KSM Trial Despite a Cold Rain

This young man is a veteran of the Iraq war, and the son of a firefighter slain on September 11, 2001. If anyone deserves to have his say about the KSM trial, this man does. Are you listening, Mr. Holder? Are you listening, Mr. Obama?
Hat Tip to Urban Infidel. Please go there to see the great sign pictures.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You May Be A Racist; Here is How to Tell

Follow this simple flow chart. It won't take long, and it is best to settle this issue once and for all, don't you agree?

Hat Tip

Friday, December 4, 2009

Still Want Gov't Healthcare? Watch THIS!

30-second spot meant to air in swing states. I can't believe the government is talking about putting young people into jail if they don't spend 12% of their income on health insurance. I feel sorry for my kids and future grandkids.

Support the Navy Seals!

These are our fighting men. Are we to prosecute them for fighting? This is ridiculous!
Fox News mentions that the plight of the 3 Navy Seals is gaining attention on Capitol Hill. "On Wednesday, Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., sent a similar letter to Gates, asking the secretary to give the case his personal attention. He said it appeared to him that highly skilled personnel have been removed from the war effort "due to a fat lip and some slanderous allegations by one of the most-wanted individuals in Iraq."'

Edited to add: There is a protest scheduled for Monday outside of the Norfolk Naval Station after the Seals make their first court appearance.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jobs Summit Farce

Obama's Jobs Summit?

Who Came: Unions. Economists who wrote the first "stimulus" package.

Who Was Not Invited: The United States Chamber of Commerce.

What? Obama continues to make himself look like the small man that he is by not EVER working with his political opposition. He jumps at the chance to talk to the Taliban and Iranians. But the U S Chamber of Commerce? NEVER!

Humor Vid: Storm Troopers Reminisce About Death Star

I don't want to ruin this for you by explaining too much. You Star Wars fans enjoy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jon Stewart Rips Global Warming Cheaters

Did I say I love a good rant? Stewart is the master. I love the way he illustrates how unconscionable it is that they THREW AWAY ALL the data from the 1980s. Looks like they have something to hide. Like maybe GLOBAL COOLING?????
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Shameless hat tip to the conservative lady and hot air.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unemployment Insurance Breaks Down in CA

Things are BAD here, folks. The economy is melting down. The government is not able to handle the vast and growing numbers of unemployed in CA. There are a shocking number of empty store fronts in my neighborhood mini mall. And the entrepreneurs don't even qualify for unemployment benefits.

Are these government workers the people we want overseeing our health care system?

Hat Tip NNN.

Immigration Numbers - Some Hard Facts

Easy visual on the immigration issue. Did you know that immigration, both legal and illegal, is many times what it used to be? How does this affect our country? How does this affect our financial stability? Look at the numbers and see for yourself.