Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tom McClintock is Speaking Right Now

This has been a great seminar. I learned a lot about blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and other ways to the the word out.

Now Tom McClintock is speaking about Cap and Tax. AB32 was signed in CA in 2006 by gov Schwartzenegger. This bill is similar to Cap and Tax. At the time, the governator said it would be good for industry. Turns out there is a great way to create a successful small business in CA. All you need to do is start with a successful LARGE business. The people of Truckee, CA already have seen their electricity prices double. There has been NO explosion of green jobs as Schwartzenegger had promised. CA has lost TONS of jobs. The U S will likewise LOSE TONS of jobs if Cap and Tax goes through. There will be a net loss of 2.4 million jobs, according to the Heritage Foundation. The Obama Whitehouse says this would cost every family 1,700.00 per year MINIMUM. People will not be able to afford to heat their homes or businesses in Obama's Utopia. We have yet to discover a more expensive way of generating electricity. Hydroelectric is the cheapest kind. Nuclear energy is next, then coal is third cheapest. Next comes wind then natural gas. If energy independence is our goal, shouldn't we get serious about developing the vast resources of energy in our country right now?
Another good question. Why are all the other bodies in the solar system also undergoing global warming? Google Mars warming if you have questions about this. We appear to be in a cooling trend that started in 1998.
We are locked in a battle over control of our nation with what can only be described as the lunatic fringe. If this is allowed to pass it will be the biggest mistake since Hoover messed up to cause the Great Depression. Something is stirring across America today...and that is the American Spirit. What can WE do. Agitate, agitate, agitate. Stand up and speak out every chance you get, in person and online.
The Obama left might have super majorities, but they have lost the American People. Your voices have made a difference. If you keep doing what you are doing every day, you WILL HAVE SAVED OUR COUNTRY.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Great post, Opus. This whole global warming farce is wearing thin. It's obvious that it's just a political ploy and not rooted in any science, and it's equally obvious that BO is trying to exploit it to dismantle our capitalist economy and replace it with a socialist one, using "green" energy as the catalyst. His people has said this is the path to "social justice" (i.e. via "environmental justice) and that they intend to use it as the vehicle to mass redistribution of both wealth and power. What more do we really need to hear to know that it's a radical tool to radical ends (to paraphrase the lovely Van Jones)?

Further, India makes a solid case for not hindering the development of developing countries, but the problem with that is it means tying the hands of so-called (will I ever be able to say that without thinking of Candle? hehe) developed nations. We halt our advancement to allow others to "catch up" . . . then what?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Opie, you listen to him closely ... He's my Congressman !!!

Opus #6 said...

Fuzzy Slippers, their so-called social justice is just a power grab!

Opus #6 said...

Odie, I did indeed listen to him closely.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thanks for sharing the message. Cap & Tax is just another power grab and we must do everything in our power to stop it.
Too bad the "governator" is a republican...RINO.

Nickie Goomba said...

I am a Tom McClintock fan, and even I was surprised at how well he delivered the strong Conservative message.


The_Kid said...

They are clamping down on cheap energy - no nukes, no NG, No drilling, tax the coal, because they want Americans Using Much Less Energy/Resources.

Why? Kowtow to the 3rd world who complains about America consuming too much? Possibly. But it's not just about the money. The 3rd world always complains about America (or anyone successful) because that's what failures do.

We could run on natural gas for 120 years and the way government likes to kick the can down the road, it is the incredibly obvious choice.

An Interesting side to this is that you'll see a lot more wood being burned in fireplaces. Carbon? Please.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Super blog Opus, I really enjoyed reading it.