Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm all checked in in Fresno

And they have WIRELESS INTERNET! WOOHOOO! So I will (hopefully) get a good night sleep tonight and be fresh tomorrow for the big Patriot Training Program. He he. I'm so excited to rub elbows with the conservatives from the inland counties of California. I will keep you updated.

Annette Piper, I will have dinner with my son tomorrow night for his birthday. So I'm still waiting for that. Thanks for asking. ;-)

Nickie, how early are you going to wake up and start driving? I hope you are asleep already!

LL, are you in Hawaii with your family by now? White sandy beaches? Turquoise waters? Hmph! Er, I mean, yay!

I will come on and post updates through the weekend.


Just a conservative girl said...

have fun sweety. I am sure the kiddies are fine, so relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

LL said...

I'm excited to hear the updates from bootcamp. MA can pass it along to those of us who were unable to participate in person.

RRR said...

Enjoy your trip Opus, and bring back some wisdom to share!

Got you linked at the Reaganite this week... keep up the Good Fight!


Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, sounds like you're going to have a simply splendid weekend, Opie! Enjoy yourself, I wish I could get away, maybe a little retail therapy.

Thanks for your well wishes and concern...the next few weeks ought to be very interesting, just have to
see how things shake out! God Bless, Bunni