Sunday, September 6, 2009

Resignation or Impeachment

The Constitution, a document president obama has apparently not familiarized himself with, as it is the guiding light for America, is being turned down, as if on a dimmer switch, by B. Hussein Obama. Yes, the president of the united States of America has worked around the Constitution, defied the Constitution and flat out chosen to challenge Congress and the American people by being a criminal. The fifth amendment to the Constitution states: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. Please pay particular attention to the phrase, “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”.

B. Hussein Obama and his minions dictated the government settlement of two publicly held companies, General Motors and Chrysler, in their government controlled bankruptcy. After firing the head of a publicly held company, GM and replacing him with someone else, the obama administration dictated that shareholders would only receive twenty eight cents on the dollar, for their investment, despite being secured lien holders. This action is in direct violation of established bankruptcy law and practice. B. Hussein Obama’s actions have also violated the due process portion of the fifth amendment to the Constitution. The United Auto Workers union was told it would receive .68 cents on the dollar from the taxpayers, not because they had invested a dime in the companies, but because obama owed them a favor for their support presidential candidacy. According to the terms of the bankruptcy as set by obama, .68 cents per dollar of what would normally belong to investors is going to an entity that invested ZERO, a clear violation of the terms of the 5th Amendment, under the due process clause as well as the just compensation clause. This action, in and of itself is impeachable. B. Hussein Obama committed strong arm robbery when they took money from the rightful creditors and gave it to the UAW, which had no claim to it.

The top officials in all three branches of the government, judicial, congressional and most importantly executive were aware of this, in fact, the state run media, that never reports anything negative was all over covering the messiahs saving of the auto industry. President Nixon resigned under threat of impeachment for knowledge and cover-up of a politically motivated break in. President Clinton was impeached for lying to a jury about an affair. Both of these incidents with other Presidents pale in comparison to president obama taking money from investors and giving it to his union cronies, through the judiciary branch of government. President obama should be in jail and impeached for his actions, but it doesn’t stop there.

B. Hussein Obama has clearly broken the law, regarding the materials sent to schools, for his speech on September 8th, 2009. The instruction of what to do and how to do it is also in violation of this code:

20 U.S.C. § 3403. (Pub.L. 96-88, Title I, § 103, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 670) United States Code Title 20. Education Chapter 48. Department of Education Subchapter I. General Provisions § 3403. Relationship with States (a) Rights of local governments and educational institutions It is the intention of the Congress in the establishment of the Department to protect the rights of State and local governments and public and private educational institutions in the areas of educational policies and administration of programs and to strengthen and improve the control of such governments and institutions over their own educational programs and policies. The establishment of the Department of Education shall not increase the authority of the Federal Government over education or diminish the responsibility for education which is reserved to the States and the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the States. (b) Curriculum, administration, and personnel; library resources No provision of a program administered by the Secretary or by any other officer of the Department shall be construed to authorize the Secretary or any such officer to exercise any direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum, program of instruction, administration, or personnel of any educational institution, school, or school system, over any accrediting agency or association, or over the selection or content of library resources, textbooks, or other instructional materials by any educational institution or school system, except to the extent authorized by law.

Given that ignorance serves as no excuse for breaking the law, combined with the fact that obama is an attorney, and if you hear him tell it, a Constitutional attorney, he has no excuse for his actions. Like any criminal, B. Hussein Obama, should be held accountable for his actions.

Mr. president, to maintain the dignity of the position you hold, to maintain the character, dignity and to keep America as the shining beacon of hope on the hill, it is imperative that you resign your position immediately. You are a criminal, if we are to judge you by your actions.

Congress, it is imperative that should B. Hussein Obama not resign his position as President of the united States of America immediately, that he be impeached for his criminality. If you fail to file articles of impeachment against B. Hussein Obama, you will guilty of violating your oath of office, that clearly states that you will defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. While it is not clear if obama falls under the “foreign” or “domestic” portion of your oath, it is clear that he is an enemy, who has committed crimes that must be adjudicated by Congress.

Thank you, in advance, for your honor, in adhering to the Constitution of the united States of America and performing the duties you have been elected to perform. I understand, that for most of you (Pelosi, Rangel, Reid, et. Al.) this is uncharted territory. Do not let that scare you, for you must do your duty or you too will be conspiratorially related to these crimes. And, lets face it, most of you are in on the price fixing and bankruptcy corruption issue.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

What we do in life echoes in eternity!

Another amazing piece by Bill Turner. Thank you Bill, you are a great patriot! Note: Bill published this in Canada Free Press and the Cypresstimesonline. He also sent it to every member of Congress and the White House. His reps and senators got a little something extra. A demand to take action or face charges of treason. In the morning he plans to send it to the Justice Department as a criminal complaint.


LL said...

Nothing will happen until we can impeach. And we can't do that with the present legislature under the control of Dear Leader.

I agree, stunning, well written letter.

Opus #6 said...

LL, agreed.

Did you see the blog post "Dog Days" by American Thinker out just now? Here is an idea. Make Blue Dogs into Republicans.

"Republicans should form a coalition with the Blue Dogs to stage a peaceful overthrow of the Democrats' majority in the House of Representatives. If Republican leaders can convince at least 70 percent of the 52 Blue Dog members to become Republicans, the party would regain its majority. Granted, 70 percent is a huge number, but coalitions are enticing when both member groups can become better off, and that appears to be the case for this one.

As Republicans, the Blue Dogs might get:

A few more committee positions from the new Republican majority
Some RNC and PAC campaign funding
Higher approval ratings from their constituents
A much better chance of getting reelected in 2010

As the new House majority party, Republicans (and all Americans) might get:

A Republican Speaker that drives a conservative agenda
Immediate defeat of the nationalized healthcare bill, HR 3200
Probable defeat of the carbon tax bill, HR 2454 (By refusing to negotiate with the Senate when they demand changes to the earlier House version)
Legislation to "annul" the so-called stimulus bill, since most of it has yet to be spent (Voters would have to pressure the Senate and president, though)
Defeat of all job-killing union favoritism bills and the planned tax hike
Defeat of all Internet and radio censorship bills
A roaring economy, job gains, 401K gains, and big wins in 2010

Conservative purists might reject the notion of weakening the Republican Party by adding three- or four-dozen Leftist Congressmen. But Mr. Obama has declared ideological war on America and sometimes it's necessary to form compromise alliances in such dire circumstances to avoid losing everything. Recall that America formed an uncomfortable alliance with the Leftist Soviets to defeat the fascist powers in the Second World War. Perhaps history is just repeating itself on a domestic battlefield."

They Say/We Say said...

I do not fly this flag on my bolg, hopefully, that some might think it is cool.
This is the first flag flown by the colonist after being ticked off at King George. Then changed to the lone pine tree.
I started this before the current pres.
I wrote strong post-I told you that cost me all my readers, but drew visitors from D.C.and Va. I then deleted those post because most average readers do not under stand the constitution. I drew the visitors that I wanted anyway. My last two strong post I did leave (at the bottom). I don't care about the underlings HLS-I draw out the top dogs.
I joined you and your friends because you all speak. Most bloggers are just parrots of the current events. Or they have some opinions that don't say the correct meaning of the situation.
The Dems got control of the edu. just to keep a couple of generations from learning the constitution.
You can click the resent visitor map and see the DC visitors.

LL said...

Now wouldn't that put the status quo on its ear... the potential end of the ObamaNation as we know it?

On the flip side, what would we have to blog about?

Opus #6 said...

LL, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Opus #6 said...

TSWS, you are welcome here. My friends and I speak our minds. That is for sure. Go to the blogs of the people who comment on my blog. Comment and follow there. I bet your readership grows. To have a friend you have to be a friend. The people who read and comment here are among the bravest and smartest on the internet. You are not alone. There is a growing movement of conservatives and we are educating each other and ourselves about the Constitution and our heritage. You are right. We must undo what was done to us in school, and we must educate the next generation about patriotism and real history.

Rob said...

I look at Republicans as Mom and dad playing the kids against the other parent. They treat constituents as children. We as voters have to stop running back and forth. If dems dont give us what we want we run to repubs. And so the system goes. Time for a third party. We can be governed by Hippie commies or we can be governed by hippie commies in business suits. Not much of a choice to me. Where are the republicans on all the Obamanations occuring? Repubs are not the answer!

Just a conservative girl said...

I am not sure something like this would work, but it is interesting. I don't think anyone would put themselves onto this kind of limb, including the courts. Even though the scotus still leans conservative, it would not uphold something like this. Not sure if that is good or bad, but I do think it is reality.
Happy Labor Day. Hope the kiddies are ready to go back to school!!

Dr. Dave said...

That's a good piece.

BTW: Apparently a lot of others feel the same way. Look at all of these.

Opus #6 said...

Rob, I agree with you in theory. The repub party is a disaster. But splitting the conservative vote will ENSURE Obama's reelection in 2012. Polls show it. If the commies can take over the dem party. WE can take over the repub party. Reagan did it. We must have faith and unflagging determination.

Opus #6 said...

JACG, I understand that. I'm not deluding myself that this will "change everything tomorrow". But if we don't speak out, and speak out about the treason and criminality, are we not also guilty of turning our backs on it? It is unpleasant but necessary to speak of such things. That posterity will know we were not cowards.

Opus #6 said...

Dr. Dave, I hope it is contagious like a massive flu virus.

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful and inspiring letter/post by Mr. Turner. I sure wish people would do their jobs and impeach this criminal, like YESTERDAY!

I for one would be happy to quit blogging about obummer and his many crimes and go back to cute puppies, silly squirrels and amazing animals. Until then, We get to expose treasonist crimes....a Patriots work is never done.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Neither, he was fired, but given the option to call it what it was.

Gotta remember, Obama is a man of consensus and majority rule(aka democracy).

If enough people barks he will jump.

And we need to start barking louder.

The Conservative Lady said...

I agree with you. Splitting the Republican party would be a sure win for the Dems. It doesn't work...remember Ross Perot? The conservatives must take back the Republican Party.

Opus #6 said...

Bunni, this patriot too looks forward to the time I can get back to regularly scheduled programming. I have a camera full of pics of the park, pool and assorted funnery with the kids.

Opus #6 said...

Scalawag, why not indeed.

Opus #6 said...

TCL, we can't afford to be that short sighted.

The_Kid said...

I vote yes.

And I 2nd the emotion.