Monday, August 31, 2009

Ramadan White House Dinner

Blaming The Eeeeevil Booooooooooosh for his problems ?

No....... really ?

I'd have thought better of a POTUS who doesn't go to church, did not attend the National Day Of Prayer, stopped all military fly-overs at Christian memorial events (most notably the most recent God And Country Festival) and........

.......uh oh.......

...... is hosting a Ramadan celebration dinner tomorrow evening at The White House........


A noteworthy update to President Obama's light schedule this week, considering the rumors about his religion that lingered throughout the 2008 campaign.

From the White House guidance for Tuesday:

In the evening, the President will host a dinner celebrating Ramadan and highlight the contributions of American Muslims in the State Dining Room. The President's remarks will be pooled press.

Kenny Solomon
Locked and loaded, safeties off.

I saw this comment today and I came back to look at it again. I followed the link. Does Obama seeming to favor Islam over other religions strike any of you as odd? Or is it just me.


LL said...

I don't think it's odd at all. He's a Muslim and he has taken Ramadan off work in honor of the ninth lunar month. I'd think it odd if he didn't celebrate the holy month as his religion requires.

LL said...

WAIT A MINUTE - he can't smoke during Ramadan? You know he's got a two pack a day habit.

I'm sure he's hiding in the Lincoln bedroom puffing down a few coffin nails in between being a good Muslim.

Nickie Goomba said...

I want to be there when Rahm disembowels the goat.

The Conservative Lady said...

I'm not one bit surprised. Nothing Hussein does surprises me anymore, especially when it comes to honoring Islam.

LL said...

See, he's a good Muslim.

At least maybe he found SOMETHING he can be good at. I doubt he was much of a community organizer.

Bungalow Bill said...

I think it's time to go back and read Ann Coulter's words on Ramadan to put this all in perspective. A great piece to say the least.

rachel said...

Who cares? I have no idea if President Obama is a christian, or a muslim, or an atheist and I couldn't possibly care less. If he is a (not very devout) muslim, SO WHAT? What difference does it make? WHO CARES???

CI-Roller Dude said...

Please don't forget during Ramadan to eat pork in public places. Bacon for breakfast, BBQ pork sandwichs for lunch, porkchops for dinner etc.

WoFat said...

B.O. is moving into, The Dog Ate My Homework,"phase of his presidency.

LL said...

rachel - I don't care what religion President Barack Hussein Obama (Dear Leader) is, however I do think it becomes important if he says, "I AM NOT A MUSLIM" and then practices Islam.

Do you see where I'm coming from on this?

It's a matter of credibility in the (dear) leader of the free world.

If Dear Leader declared "I am a Muslim" when he was running for office, he wouldn't have been elected. It's simple as that. So he lied and we bought a pig-in-a-poke (as it were). To say that it doesn't matter would apply to you or to me, but as to the character and veracity of the president, it matters a great deal.

Red said...

@ WoFat: I hope BO steers clear of his master then. Barry needs the cheat sheets.

On another note, I've been battling the naysayers over at GOTA via 'Corndog' (see my Kennedy post/linkage for more adventure). Woot.

Red said...

And duh, Barry is a Muslim.

Teresa said...

I think that it is very odd. Obama has felt rejected in recent months by Rev. Wright, so now he's turned to Islam. Gee, It seems to me that these two religions might be very similar in that they display the same rhetoric and hatred towards whites and America. Our President sure does like to attach himself to religions of hate.

rachel said...

LL, I do see where you're coming from on this. I just wonder if you feel the same way about 'conservative' politicos who tout "christian family values" but are then caught with their pants down in the men's room at the airport? Just using the word "credibility" in the same sentence as 'political leader' is laughable to me. What if he was a christian while he campaigned, but then converted to Islam while in office? Would it matter then? Since it would no longer be a matter of "credibility"?

It just seems like people are really grasping for reasons to find fault here. And it's a shame you assume President Obama wouldn't have been elected had he been openly Muslim. I was under the impression that he practiced some form of christianity. And while I am not a christian, I still voted for him.

You know what? I hope he IS a muslim. Maybe then you'll stop hiding your hatred behind words like "character" and "credibility" and just be honest about the fact that you're desperately afraid of anyone who's not just like you.

The_Kid said...

They would have squealed like Pod Born Body Snatchers if Palin had made such a 'slip'.

Opus #6 said...

Rachel, I know LL. He is not desperately afraid of anyone.

Now about your issues. It is funny you should mention hypocrisy. We were just discussing that on Nickie Goomba's blog the other week. I used to think hypocrisy was a bad thing. Until one of the commenters referred to it as "the tribute vice pays to virtue". Picture a world with no hypocrisy. A world where there are no rules, no values, nothing to strive for. Is it bad when people go to church and yet commit sin on other days of the week? Don't sinners need the education most of all? And according to most religions, are we not all sinners?

My reason for putting up this blog post is the fact that Obama is snubbing other religions. It is not that he honors Islam. He is the president of ALL the United States. He should show respect to all religions, or at least try to. And I don't see him doing that. It is the CONTRAST between how he deals with muslims and how he deals with people of other religions that I am calling attention to here.

Frankly I don't understand his behavior. It makes no sense from a political standpoint to offend so many Christians and Jews. I just don't get it. Even if he hates Christians and Jews, the prudent thing to do would be to avoid showing it.

LL said...

Rachel, if you care, do some Internet Research. Circa 1990 a website went up with the url:

It was the very first website dedicated to understanding Islam in English. It was not ANTI-Islam. I think you can guess its author. Right, it was me.

The first website on the Internet dedicated to Afghanistan was "The Great Game" and it came on-line just before Understanding Islam did. This is pre-Taliban Afghanistan. Guess who authored that website? If you guessed that I did, you'd be right. And you will be hard pressed to see me bash Islam anywhere because I don't.

Barack Hussein Obama (Dear Leader) is a LIAR. He lies about absolutely everything and it's becoming a national joke. It's already a joke in every other country. It has nothing to do with most Democrats in America who are not Marxists and are not collectivists. The American people elected a charlatan who is bad for the country.

His lies about his deeply seated faith were but one more brick in the wall.


Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for the heads up on this dinner, Opie. At first I couldn't believe he would have the gall to do this!
Then, I investigated more, and well now that the dirty deeds were done, we know the real story!
Breaking bread with Hamas and known co-conspirators of terror! Anyone who has not read about this, see the aftermath at my blog.
Thanks for your wonderful compliments Opie!