Monday, July 6, 2009

What a liberal said about the Tea Parties

"Let us find out what a liberal thinks about such things, shall we?
I guess people in this country really are pathetic enough to protest on a day where all Americans should have been coming together to celebrate our independence. Specifically, South Carolina takes the cake.

No sense of history and grossly self-loathing about his countrymen. No surprise on either point. The unwashed masses can never do anything to suit the self-appointed leftist, ruling class elite.
U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of S.C. attended a "tea party" that was more of an insult to our president and the country itself than a show of appreciation and thoughtfulness . He spoke in front of more than 800 people at Cannon Park in downtown Charleston. He ran down the president's attempt to save a economy that was merely destroyed by the party he aligns with."

No facts are offered to support the claim the republicans destroyed the economy. there is a shocker. how about a discussion on Democrat culpability in the mortgage crisis? Or that Barney Frank did not learn a darn thing and wants repeat the same policies?
Barack Obama is trying to save the economy? That one boggles the mind. Obama has tripled the national debt since taking office. The amount of debt is so staggering, we are on the verge of losing our AAA credit rating. The superb rating survived the Great Depression, but may not survive Obama's economic illiteracy." more by Jaime Jeffords at the Eye of Polyphemus.


Bungalow Bill said...

They are so blinded in Obama's rhetoric they don't see their freedoms are being robbed. It's hard to celebrate independence, liberty, and freedom when they are dying.

Don't believe we are losing our freedoms, read this:

Opus #6 said...

Clay, I ran the water story a while back and not too many took notice. I agree that this takeover is the road to the new "green communism".

Just a conservative girl said...

Shocker!!! The left is unhappy that we are protesting. I think what they should be unhappy about is that they are getting bigger, louder, and more inclusive. It is not the far right nuts that are out there. This movement is bigger than not liking the president. A point that was missed on the coverage is the fact these were totally organic. They can't blame Fox for stirring it up. It wasn't covered at all. We are mobilizing in a way that the left has perfected, and that is what they hate most.

Jessica Wilkerson said...

The Tea Party I attended was out-of-control!

We did crazy and absurd things like sing the National Anthem, and quote the Constitution.

I know being Patriotic must be a radical idea to some Libs, but I know our Founding Fathers would be the Leaders of the Tea Party Revolution!

Opus #6 said...

That's true, JACG. Fox isn't covering it. The left doesn't want anybody questioning The Won.

Opus #6 said...

Jessica, our founding fathers would be right in the forefront. As you are.

LL said...

Liberals are offended when we wave the flag, sing patriotic songs, quote the Constitution that the Liberals would like to throw out, and so forth. There will be more Tea Parties, more protest and the media will continue to ignore us.

Grass roots movements like ours are very threatening to them.

Track-A-'Crat said...

Cognitive dissonance at its finest, Red.

Obots, nay Lefties, have absolutely no capacity for critical self-analysis.

How are we supposed to get through to these people?

Track-A-'Crat said...

Ah, meant to say "Opus", sorry Opus!

Opus #6 said...

Track, pick off the out-liers, lol. There will be some liberals wavering on the fringes, and those will be the ones who listen eventually. Just keep talking and educating.

And hey, I don't mind being mistaken for Red. That is a great compliment. :-)

Opus #6 said...

LL, it's that pesky little Constitution they would so much like to get rid of. I hope they never get that satisfaction.