Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's make this simple

My husband and I were discussing the economy this afternoon. And we came to some conclusions. First, the economy is already half destroyed. Hard to argue, since the Dow Jones Industrial average is now less than half what it was at its recent high. There *were* some areas of the economy that were doing OK, though. Health care, for instance, tends to do OK during an economic downturn. Tends to. Unless the President of the United States announces an All Out War against the health care system.

Why is President Obama doing this now? Why is he focusing on health care when the economy is in shambles? Why can't he take some of the energy he is putting into health care focus groups and find some employees for the Treasury Department? Did you know that Treasury has NO upper level employees? No undersecretaries. Nobody. Nobody except Geitner. And that is the department that is supposed to administer the programs for the economic recovery.


cheryl said...

Because: he longs for socialism, pure and simple.. of course, you knew that.. Our government, in charge of healthcare? Isn't this what nightmares are made of?

Jennifer said...

I like that you and your husband can have a discussion over the economy. My husband and I can't. We both end up with headaches trying to figure out if we can solve it on our own! LOL

Just stopped by to say 'hi' and let you know I'm following you! Came over from MBC/Follow Me group.

LL said...

The easy comment is that the Stimulus is about Socialism and furthering the agenda of his administration. It's not about economic repair. It's about wholesale redistribution of wealth. That will crash the economy more surely than the Wall Street disaster. You must remember that Maggie Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

For the first time in my life, I'm exploring the possibility of moving away from the US. It's not that I hate America. I'm simply not quite sure that I want to live in the obamanation.

New clients, a recent surge in my business and other solid (recent) revenue streams may make it possible to do just that. I never thought I would have seen the day but you can never say never.

LL said...

When the liberal rag, San Francisco Chronicle is concerned, it should concern us all. "Even if Congress accepts all of Obama's tax increases, deficits would remain near $1 trillion for three years. The national debt will rise from 40 percent of the nation's output to 67 percent." The budget also calls for a repeal on the interest deduction for homes of "the wealthiest Americans". Anybody making over $200K a year is considered "wealthiest Americans".