Monday, January 5, 2009

There are 5 cracked beams

The men went up into the attic today, my general contractor, the truss guy, and my husband. The consensus is that the roof does not have to be removed on order to make the repairs. The roof sags slightly in the area of concern, and they will need to jack it up, so if they can't do it with the weight of the tiles on, they may have to take the tiles off. Otherwise, the truss guys will bring the trusses in parts to rebuild and repair what is there. They will get an engineer to sign off on the plans first, and the contractor will call me in the next few days to get the work scheduled.

I hope this happens very soon, because the owners of our rental house just gave us notice that they close escrow on February 5th, and they want us out by January 31.

In other news, ServPro came and cleaned the remaining fire cinders off of the floor of the garage last week, and our house doesn't stink quite as badly now. But it still smells like a smoker lives here.


d e v a n said...

Good luck!

LaTonya Yvette said...

There's no place like home. Everything will work out just fine.

Linda S said...

it still sounds like an amazing amount of work...hope it all goes smoothly!

Keri said...

What a pain in the ass. I can't believe everything you've had to go through. Never knew just how much damage a nasty fire could do. Hoping everything pans out real soon so you can get home!