Friday, November 28, 2008

Rabbi, wife and kids murdered in Mumbai, India

I mourn this tragic and senseless loss, as well as all those killed.

Above is a picture of Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg on the right and his wife Rivkah the left performing a wedding in India. This couple and their children from New York were murdered by terrorists in Mumbai, India this week.

To contribute to their orphaned son, the toddler Moshe who escaped with the nanny, or to help rebuild the Chabad Jewish Center in Mumbai, India, go to this website: chabadindia


Veronica Lee said...

This is so tragic. One begins to wonder which country is next.

Songbird said...

It's a terrible thing, however, their only other child is in Israel right now and was not murdered.

Maisy said...

This whole thing is so tragic. Sad, senseless, and devistating. :(

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Thanks for posting this. So many of us are blond to what's happening in the world and you gave them a voice.

LaTonya Yvette said...

Very Sad. My heart goes out to their baby.

LL said...

It seems to be killing for sport.
And the only way to deal with that sort of mentality is with the harshest means available.