Sunday, November 16, 2008

My house partially burned

I am home. I had to sneak up by a horse trail to get here because the roads are all blocked. My kids and I hiked all the way up. Our house has a hole burned in the roof of the garage, and the back deck is gone, and most of the plants. Apparently neighbors used garden hoses to save our house because the firemen didn't arrive for 1 1/2 hours. :roll: There was no evacuation, just fire and smoke.

I just got interviewed by a nice Aussie TV reporter for channel 10. So you may see me with baby A in the back pack being interviewed on tonight's newscast. :-D

Our immediate neighborhood lost 7 homes. Including my next door neighbor. It was a miracle my house survived.

I'll get pictures for you soon. Trying to settle the kids in and clear out the smoke smell.


Cassandra-ann said...

OMG Mary-Ann, i have been hoping those fires were no where near you :-(, i am just so relieved that you and your family are okay and its a miracle your whole house didnt burn down ((()))

Maisy said...

So glad everyone is okay, MaryAnn. Praying for your family, and your neighbors too. How sad and awful. Hugs.

QuJaBaKa said...

holy cow, I only just caught up with the news at lunch time. Glad to hear you guys are ok, but sad to hear your house got damaged. sending you lots of fresh new zealand air to help clear out the smell. big hugs.

Veronica Lee said...

I'm glad so your family is Ok.

Futility said...

We saw you on the news!

We couldn't see baby Aaron in your backpack at all. They showed two of your sons very briefly, and then vision of you with a statement from you that was something like "There are 10 - 10 heroes that are neighbours".

You looked great for someone that had been evacuated earlier that day - and obviously relieved. How scary that the house next door burnt to the ground. We have fickle bush fires like that in Australia too.

1stopmom said...

Thank God for miracles. 7 homes were lost? I am glad you did not lose your home as well.

Peta G said...

So sorry to hear about your nieghbours homes how very sad for them. Im glad your family is ok...sending love and prayers your way.

J. said...

I'm so sorry! How awful...I'm just glad you're all safe.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

Oh my heavens! I am so sorry that I haven't posted sooner. I haven't been able to visit like I would like to.

PRAYING for you! I am so very very sorry you had to go through this!