Sunday, March 23, 2008

emergency room

I took J, my second youngest (age 3) to the emergency room Friday afternoon for 2 stitches in his forehead. He got a cut and some scrapes when he fell off a boogie board in the Jacuzzi and struck his head on the side bricks. :-(

I could see that a small portion of the wound was deep and that stitches could help minimize his scarring so I dressed him as quickly as possible and we dashed to the hospital. My DD was visiting from college and she stayed home with older brother, age 4. I took baby A to the hospital, assuming correctly that there would be waiting involved and he would need to breastfeed.

J was SO brave. The hospital staff wrapped him up in a blanket for the actual numbing of the forehead and stitches, but the little man was so well behaved he never flinched. He said, "ouch" once when he got the numbing shot and laid there talking to the staff the rest of the time. Afterwards they couldn't get over how good he was and he was showered with gifts and stickers. I took a pic of him on my camera phone. I will have to download the pic and try to add it in a later edit.

I hope his war wound doesn't scar too badly. I feel the weight of mommy guilt about this whole thing. The kids asked to bring floating mattresses and boogie boards into the Jacuzzi when we swam a few weeks ago and I said no. They asked this time and I allowed it. I won't make that mistake again. No floating unless it is in the big pool and well away from the walls.


d e v a n said...

What a brave little guy!! Hopefully he doesn't have any scars to remember it by.

Anonymous said...

That is one over-the-top cute and brave and cheerful young man in this great albeit sneaky ER pic, but then I might be said to be a little mite prejudiced ... well, there's no tellin', is there.

Anonymous said...

What does he have in his left hand?