Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One interesting day

Yikes. The day started off...interesting. I answered the phone and found that a lady was calling who worked for a catalog company. A charge had been placed on my credit card, she confirmed the first and last 4 digits of the card, for something under my name that I didn't order. She advised me to cancel the card. I called the card company and found that in the past 2-3 days, a bunch of odd charges had been placed on my card over the internet for sporting goods, clothing and even teleflora. Totaling over $1500.00. I told them to reverse charges on all of them and cancel the card. Now I am without a credit card (I have others I don't want to use) until tomorrow. They are rushing delivery. The catalog lady gave me the delivery address of the goods. Porterville, CA. I have half a mind to go to the house myself. OK, I won't. But can I call the police in Porterville and can they do a sting? Tell the folks the stuff needs to be picked up at a mail boxes place and they get arrested when they show up? I'm pretty angry about this, and I want the bad guys caught. I asked the VISA lady if these matters are ever pursued criminally, and she said it wasn't her department, and I would be getting a packet from the fraud department next week and somebody would be assigned to the case and I could ask them. {sigh} I guess I'll wait until then. It will give me time to cool off.

Next I took Baby A in for his vaccinations and checkup. He weighed in at 50th percentile height and weight. He is up to 11 pounds 2 ounces. Such a big boy, considering he is really not 2 months yet for his gestational age until the end of January. That is almost a full 5 pounds in 2 months. Hurray for mama's milk!

Then I went to the mall for the OC Babywearer's meeting. I had a blast. I felt guilty for taking Baby A there right after his injections. Bad mama! I gave him Tylenol and we were off. He was pretty relaxed there, though, mostly nursing and sleeping in various wraps. I got to try the Vatanai, same material wrap that is due to arrive here within the week. I loved it. There were other beautiful wraps there, too, a lot of them with thicker material. I set a lot of store in being cool (the Moby wrap is *way* too hot for my liking) so I hope the Vatanai works well for front and back carries and I don't have to resort to a thicker wrap. The gals were also showing me all sorts of different tying methods for front and back carries. Then a mom with a newborn showed up, mid December baby. The little one was so cute. The mom had a nice wrap, but she complained she could not figure out how to wrap her newborn. I said I could show her how I use the Moby Wrap to wrap a newborn. I only knew one wrap style, but I know it very well and have been doing it constantly for the past 2 months. Her wrap was woven but I tied it onto her as best I could folded lengthwise for nice pockets and we slipped her sleepy girl right in there. She was SO happy. Her baby was strapped to her chest SO securely, she was able to run about hands-free and chase her toddler around the mall. I was very happy too, because I attended the meeting as a rank beginner, and it turned out I was able to help teach somebody else how to do something. That made me feel good.

So then I went home and barely had time for lunch and nursing little bub again before it was time to run to school for parent/teacher conference. All is OK, but ds needs to concentrate better and listen to teacher in school. I don't know how I'm supposed to control his behavior at school, but I will encourage him to do so.

I'm home now, it is evening, and little baby A is very fussy and feverish. I knew this was coming, as all my kids get fever after the DPT shot. He had 5 shots total and he is miserable. I hope he feels better by morning.


deschenj said...

What a whirlwind day! I hope Baby A is feeling better today.

d e v a n said...

Hope A is feeling better now!
YUK on the cc! What a pain!!