Monday, January 14, 2008

new furniture

I know I'm overloading you with pictures of this new baby carrier, but I was so excited to achieve a back carry. It is kind of scary to get him up there while tying it, and it takes some getting used to to trust it to keep him up there and safe. I kept and eye on him, then I was able to get to work in the kitchen doing dishes. He squirmed a little then gave up and fell asleep. It feels so nice to have a soft little guy sleeping in a back pack. He gets all slumpy and warm. Hmmmm.

But immediately the phone rang and it was my husband wondering if I wanted to meet him at the furniture store. Well, let me tell you, you don't have to ask me a question like that twice. ;-) I high-tailed it to the store with both youngest boys in tow. He had the 4-y-o with him already. We were ostensibly there to pick out end tables for the living room and family room. I had been making noises lately that I wanted end tables. A couple of weeks ago dh called me over to the computer and he had up a couple of pics of expensive looking pearl necklaces. I said, "that's nice, but what I really want is furniture". I told him that the rooms looked incomplete without any end tables at all in the living room, even though the couch/chairs were of good quality. And we have been using tv trays for end tables in the family room for over 5 years. It was time to grow up and get some "big people" furniture. I was not asking for new couches for the family room, although we were going to need them soon. Ours get a lot of use, and potty training Joseph led to some unfortunate accidents on the upholstery. So we went to this close-out sale and wanted these tables and the other tables. The boys were running wild and wrestling. Finally I decided to take the boys to the car so dh could finish the purchase of the end tables and I could nurse the baby, when dh called and said what about the grouping of leather furniture by the front door. I recalled that it looked nice, but I did not think I could talk him into getting something so nice. I said it looked fabulous. So we decided to buy it. A 4-piece set of chocolate leather furniture for the family room. A couch, loveseat, upholstered chair and a large rectangular upholstered ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. This is a great compromise because dh is deathly afraid to get a coffee table while we have little ones toddling around the house. He doesn't want them hitting their heads. So a soft upholstered one is great. And we can put our feet up on it with no guilt. We also got the 2 end tables that they were showing with the group. We didn't end up finding any end tables for the living room, but I think I want something with Queen Anne legs to go with the nice dining room set we have. It will take some more shopping to find what I want. It has been 4 years since we bought a substantial amount of furniture. We got the dining room and living room furniture a few months before our first son was born. So this was a very welcome surprise.

So I spoiled dh and made a somewhat gourmet recipe for turkey tacos, which involved running to the store for fresh green onions, chili powder, cumin, shredded turkey, red pepper, pico de gallo and romaine. The spices were just right and the recipe was fabulous. That is 2 good new recipes I tried lately. The other one was for jambalaya involving chicken tenders and turkey sausage.


deschenj said...

Yum, post new pics of the furniture when you get it so I can drool, lol. I love the back carry too. I put P in the backpack yesterday for the first time and it was nice to have my front free!

d e v a n said...

nice pic!
The furniture sounds lovely! WE just bought a bedroom suite for the first time in our entire marriage (almost 6 years) so I know the feeling!