Monday, August 6, 2007

big relief

This may sound like small potatoes, but I am so relieved to have successfully registered my 4-y-o in a particular preschool program this morning. Registration started at 8:30am. I lined up at 7am and was dismayed to see about 25 people in lawn chairs were ahead of me in line. Then I got even more nervous to hear that there were only 5 spots still available in the class that I wanted (folks who were enrolled in spring had preferential pre-enrollment). I wanted him in the 8:30 to 11:20 class, not the afternoon class. Afternoon is nap time. If he was in class during nap time, and his bro gets off school at 2:30, then the afternoon would be set up all wrong. The good news was, most of the folks in line were there to enroll their 3-y-o kids. The bad news is that I will have to do this again next year for my youngest. He is turning 3 in December. Too late to sneak him into the class in the spring, even if he is potty trained by then, because he would have needed to be 3 by mid November. So he will have to make due with mommy and me classes this year, and I will have to get up at 5am next year to line up. I simply *must* have him in the am class in this program. It is a very high quality program with wonderful teachers and extremely inexpensive. Only $450 for 16 weeks, 3 days a week. We used to pay more than that amount per month at the Montessori school.

Today is the first class of the last session of swimming through the parks and rec. I canceled the private lessons for today, which I will have the boys make up in the end of August. I have my 8-y-o signed up too, but he will not be able to go until next week, because he is still with his dad for one more week. I asked his dad to take him to the class, but he doesn't want to drive {eyeroll}. He also made me cancel the dental appt, which fell on his dates. {another eyeroll}. I know he and I will end up back in court again when he asks for more custody. So though his attitude is bad for my son, it will give me more leverage in court. I will ask the swim teacher today if it is OK if my son shows up next week for the last week of class only. He is a very strong swimmer, and even if he starts late, I bet he will still be one of the best swimmers in the class.

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Devan said...

Sorry your ex is being a bit of a pain. :(
I'm glad you got ds into the program!!! Yay!