Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feeling sleepy lately

I think it's the pregnancy hormones. I swear I could sleep 20 hours a day, except I have so much going on. Eight hours a night is a drop in the bucket! Here is a pic of my daughter in her unflattering Knotts uniform. Luckily, she would look good even in a potato sac, so it's not a problem for her.

Harry Potter was fun. I liked the IMAX 3D thing. They turned on the 3D part only for the last 20 minutes, and I thought it was special. I know I will see the movie again, but I might not have the opportunity, or take the opportunity to see it in IMAX, so I was glad I did it. I thought it was well-acted and nicely done. I will have to see it again soon because I missed the first 15 minutes standing in line to get popcorn for my boy. He had just come off the bus from camp and he was starving. Ah well, it's a good excuse for me, right?

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