Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Busy Wednesdays

I think Wednesday is my busiest day of the week. Here is a sampling:
6am, woke up, showered, dressed and ate
6:30am, emptied and refilled dishwasher.
7am, 3 youngest boys woke up, I got them dressed, fed, and packed lunch for the 8-yo.
7:30am, put brisket and potatoes into crock pot.
7:45am, drove 8-yo to bus drop off for camp.
8:45am, drove 4-yo to preschool.
9:00am, woke sleepy 16-yo and reminded him that his SAT prep class was starting, and he needed to get up, get dressed and eat.
9:15am, made scrambled eggs and bagels for 16-yo.
9:30am, drove 16-yo to SAT prep class.
9:45am, drove 2-yo to Preschool Practice mommy and me class and stayed there from 10 to 11.
11:30am, picked up 4-yo from preschool.
11:45am, picked up 16-yo from SAT class.
12noon, picked up burgers for all kids, including DD who had woken up, was working out on the Stairmaster, and showering.
12:30pm, put 2 youngest down for nap after reading stories.
1pm, went to grocery store to restock depleted shelves.
1:45pm, dropped DD off at train station so she could visit father on her one day off.
3:30pm, drove 16-yo to Knotts for work shift.
4:45pm, picked up 8-yo from camp bus drop off.
5:30pm, cooked vegetable to go with dinner.
6pm, ate dinner with boys
6:30pm, bath time for 3 youngest boys.
8pm, bedtime/storytime
10pm, back to Knotts to pick up 16-yo from work shift.
11pm, collapse :-D

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Devan said...

I feel very tired just from readig your post.