Sunday, June 10, 2007

Really fun weekend

Here are some beautiful pics from today's trip to the Nature Center. There is this little hiking area about 20 min from my house with a small nature center where the kids can look at reptiles/birds/fish and they can hike along a small creek, crossing bridges and enjoying the shade under the California Live Oaks. It was fun, and even little Joseph kept up with everybody and didn't need to be carried. DS is not attached to that stuffed animal, by the way. It was a school assignment to take pics with the class moose and write about it in the journal. The pics printed out so beautifully, I decided to share them on the blog. And that is a real rattlesnake behind the glass.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party where there was a bouncer/slide. The kids loved it and had a blast. Little Joseph decided he liked to sit at the top of the slide in the background and stay there watching all the kids going crazy.

Now the boys are napping after a lunch of homemade turkey-meat tacos. When they wake up we will all go swimming. I'm actually heating the big pool today so it should be more fun than usual. The water is now normally 76 degrees F when unheated, so it won't take much to get it over 82 degrees, which is where I like it.

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Devan said...

Sounds like you all had fun!